Saturday, 1 January 2011


Well I'm sorry to bore you but more goodies arrived today (I love getting parcels at really cheerssss me up! :))

This time from Fashion Union.... so here goes...

Nude Lace Godet Skirt - Was £35 Now £10

Cute little skirt, I'd been looking at for a while but couldn't bring myself to pay full price and surprisingly was still available when the sales started! Luckyyy 

Check Peg Leg Trousers - Was £35 Now £14
I always seem to wear jeans or leggings, so when I spotted these I felt like I needed a change....wasn't sure whether the style would suit me, I think they look better rolled up at the bottom  (I have to roll up nearly all my trousers because of my height.....which is 5.5 by the way so I not actually abnormally short but still....)
Also the brogues I've had a while which I got from ASOS, but I still haven't worn them as I was slightly worried I couldn't pull off the whole boyish brogues look, so I have yet to trial them at some point.

Blue Skinny Jean - Was £25 Now £10
You would not believe how long I've been looking for know when you have that really comfy pair of old jeans that you can just throw on when you can't really be bothered...well mine got a hole in, and not a hole I could get away with either, seen as it was in the crotch! So I was down to one pair which were getting far too baggy I looked like a wannabe 'gangsta'
To cut a long story short, I hate jean shopping....too tight, too long, too loose, too dark, too light, too expensive, too stretchy.....need I go on
Well at last, HALLELUJAH! I find these beauties for a tenner! Bargain! And they fit! Result!
(oh and I found my old converse :) good times)

Black Paris Tshirt - Was £15 Now £7
Bought this top just because I'm going to Paris soon haha! I might be sad and wear it while I'm there :) Proper tourist! 

So once again a job well done and I'd recommend people to check Fashion Union out it ain't that badddd!!


  1. Haha nearly bought the Paris tshirt, you have good taste m'dear ;) xx

  2. hey thanx for the add, great blog i will be following you back :) x