Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lets go play Baseball!

I did indeed spend some pennies the other night, mostly on my dad and uncles birthday presents I must admit, in fact I spent exactly £18 on myself....but I saw some gorgeous things, really had to drag myself away (crying) I do have to be realistic, I have New York spending money to save up!

Outfit had an awesome sale on there jewelry, buy one get one free on Diva and half price on Freedom

Necklace £8.50 £3.00 Bracelet £6.00 £2.00
Buy one get one free

I'm not sure if I like the black fabric part of the necklace, I think it's a bit harsh for the rest of it, so I'm thinking of cutting it off and putting the fan charm with one of the others instead. Love the little bracelet! 

Baseball jacket £29.99 £15.00
New Look
I've been looking at getting one of these for a while, there pretty on trend at the minute, but I wouldn't pay a lot as I doubt the baseball jacket faze will last very long as its quite a specific fashion direction. Topshop had a gorgeous one, similar to this one but a little bit shorter at around £40...
I was actually surprised New Look had 4 different styles, in a range of colours all half price, probably getting rid of them to make way for the sexy summer gear (eee roll on summer!) But I think it's the perfect jacket for those days when it's too warm for the winter layer but too windy for no jacket at on!

Now for what I want but have yet to get...

Suede Wedge £70

American Flag Shorts £32
Organic Cotton Bow Tee £7.99
I adore those shoes! (I really have to have them, I would get 10% off with student discount) I know that style of shoe is soooo comfy too, honestly I guarantee anyone that has trouble with high heels, wedges are the best, you can dance the night away! I promise :)

I know the shorts were around last year, and everywhere sold out, people literally went mad over them. I need some new denim shorts, my others are too big for me now, and denim does literally last forever if you look after it. Investment buy perhaps??

That top is so cute and come in a range of colours, grey, white, coral, blue, black and powder and IT'S ORGANIC COTTON! Love it, will be definitely buying that as an everyday piece, look great with jeans, nice and simple.


  1. Give me that bracelet, I will buy it off you <33

  2. I love love love these. So cute. Thanks for sharing love.

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  3. those shoes are so fantastic!