Thursday, 2 June 2011

Feeling hot?


It's boiling out there, maybe it's because England hasn't enjoyed this sort of heat for a while (far too long if you ask me) but it feels like a heatwave in the midday sun :)

Nice weather can make people forget their worries and problems. Make people embrace life and go out and enjoy! It's so uplifting. Summer is definitely my favorite season, bronzed bodies, smiley faces and long afternoons outside. It's lovely!

The thought of whipping out the bikinis and throwing on the short shorts used to terrify me. However I feel so much more confident after loosing some weight since last summer. I'm very excited to get a tan and enjoy what summer has to bring.

Feast your eyes on these beauties....

Beach Dress - Asos £30

Cut Out Swimsuit - Asos £45

Panel Swimsuit - Asos £120
I'm loving swimsuits this year, there are some gorgeous pieces, great if your tummy conscious. I especially like this panel swimsuit (above) not liking the price however....that's a little ridiculous. I'm contemplating creating my own cut out panel swimsuit at a fraction of the price (A 'how to' post to come if I do)

70's Sunglasses - Asos £12

 Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses - Asos £120


Accessorize for the weather. Personally a big fan of aviator style sunglasses, on men and women. I'd love some proper Ray-Ban ones, but don't trust myself not to break/loose them :/

Now I'm off to carry on sunning myself with a good book and a nice chilled drink....ENJOY THE SUN EVERYONE!


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