Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm Back

Exam is over. Revision has ended. Feedback has been received.

Semester 1 is officially over and I have 5 days of utter bliss (not a single thing that needs doing...unbelievable) before round 2 begins.....

I currently have a banging headache, so this is just a quick post, thought you might be interested to see my little wall display, dedicated to Vivienne Westwood

I visited a Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition way back in June last year, in Barnsley. It was pretty impressive. They had about 50 pairs of shoes on display, from her very first pirate boots and hooker shoes to her more recent designs. It was very interesting.

I found out the collection had actually been borrowed from a big fan of Viv West, who had been collecting her shoes for years and had generously said the public could take a look. 
I think the exhibition was on for a few months, and I strongly recommend if it's on again this year and you like love shoes....check it out!
The admission was free, so on the way out I decided to buy the set of 10 postcards for £5 as a donation to the civic center. Well worth it! I've been tidying (clearing out the crap) my bedroom, I came across the set of postcards again and thought it was a shame not to have them on show rather than in a here they are, pride of place on my bedroom wall. Result! :)

P.S. I haven't forgotten about 'Photo of the Day' I've decided to upload them a week at a time :)

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