Friday, 31 December 2010

End of a Chapter

Well 2010 is coming to an end soon....can't say I'll miss it to be honest (it's been pretty pants) not one of my best years for sureee...

But 2011 brings a new start and what looks to be a very busy year
  • Carnage in Newcastle with the homie
  • Trip to Paris with the Jempson
  • Trip to New York with the Jempson
  • The start of work exciting!!!
  • My 21st!! oh myyy
And all the little things in between....and whatever else is yet to be's looking good folks

I'm hoping 2011 will treat me well, come on, I deserve it seriously

I'm thinking my New Years resolution should be to focus on uni work more, try my best at everything I do, and I probably should start growing up and acting like an adult.......  

Nahhhhhhhhhhh FORGET THAT! :) Fun all the way I say!


Thursday, 30 December 2010

Legs Eleven

My River Island purchases arrived today :D yay!

Brief run down of my goodies...

Was £7.99 Now £3.00

 I loveee this ring, I know it's slightly over the top but what the hell!
Was £16.99 Now £8.00
 Been looking for a new purse for a while and River Island ones always serve me well (my previous one lasting 3 years which is a record for me!) and this was such a bargain I just had to have it.
Was £25 Now £10
 Ahhh my Henry Holland suspender socks, LOVE! There extra long to create a ruched effect down the leg (when I first opened them I thought they'd been made to fit a giraffe!)
Was £15 Now £5
 Henry Holland mock suspender tights, wasn't sure about the leg pattern, but looked better than I expected, result.
Was £10 Now £5
 And my 'wannabe' Rihanna lace short tights, similar to the ones she wears in the 'Whats my Name' video, which will come in very handy when I'm freeeeaking out at how short a skirt or dress is!

All in all a good spending spree I think :) Oh I do love the sales....

Sunday, 19 December 2010

A little trip

I took a little visit to London last week. 

Visited the V&A museum which seems to get better every time. Explored the Peter Rabbit exhibition and the Theatre and Performance exhibition, which displayed loads of brilliant costumes from stage shows. 

After getting lost in there for what seemed like hours we headed off to Harrods...which I've never experienced before, so I was a little excited :) It was amazing! Like a giant Santa's Grotto. I got some shots of the window displays which were just a masterpiece in themselves. 
As you can imagine it was soooo busy with Christmas shoppers it was mental! Really made me feel Christmassy.

I'm also impressed with the fact I think I'm getting better at working out the tube.....sort of :)

Getting into the spirit

So with uni over with for a while, I thought I'd take the opportunity to chill out and do my own thing for a bit....starting with making an elf costume to wear at work! :)

Getting up at 6.30 on a Saturday morning is not top of my list of things 'I love to do', but dressing up as an elf made it a little less depressing. I got some impressed comments from customers and I also think seeing me helped them be less miserable, so all in all a job well done!

(oh and I'd also like to mention I realise I called Rihanna's new song 'Say my Name' instead of 'Whats my Name' in my last post. oops)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My new love

 Whipping off a black and white number to reveal some OTT underwear and perform 'Say My Name' on X Factor....whats the harm in that??? Apparently millions complained....ermmm yeah it's called fashion, it's a performance, a costume....GET OVER IT. *sighhhh*
 Ohhh I adore this, it's so cute yet still unique and interesting. A William Tempest design from s/s 2011, the flowers were added on as an extra to match the hair piece.....I think it works wonderfully! 

 I think perhaps my favorite of Rihanna's X Factor outfits.....I spent the entire performance trying to work out how she was wearing underwear...if she was that is! So elegant and simple, she looked stunning. 10/10!

Conclusion....I want to be her. End of.

A slight hiccup

Lastly the digital design project was a bit of a disaster due to the fact there wasn't enough time to get it done to a high standard......which I don't like, I'll be honest, I was disappointed with it, however I submitted in time and every page was complete so hopefully fingers crossed I won't have done tooooo badly :)

Anyway so that's semester 1 complete (ignore the fact I have a report to write, a project to complete and revision to do by the end of the hols) Now I can rest and enjoy the Christmas spirit....WOOHOO! Roll on the turkey!

The Damn Dress...

Okay I won't babble on about the project as a hole.... but my group had to design and make a dress including puff sleeves, a revere collar and a circle first we thought...riiiight so this is gonna be an ugly creation....but with hard work and some good ideas, we created something quite nice, in fact very nice even if I say so myself! We also finished a week before deadline (this was encouraged due to the fact we didn't want to loose a week of our holidays still working on it!) 

The Range

So for my design development project, we had to put together a development booklet, including inspiration pages, sketches, LOTSSS of developments, fabrics, colours, experiments basically pretty much everything you would do before deciding on a final range. It also had to be based on our chosen designer from the last project. 
Then we had to put it all together to create illustration boards and flat drawing boards, showing the outcome of weeks of research and more or less going metalllll!
So here you go...
Illustration Board 1

Illustration Board 2

Flats Board 1  

Flats Board 2

The flats boards are missing the fabric swatches here. I'm pretty pleased with the final outcome, if I could of spent longer perfecting each one then I would have but when time is against you....

Long time no Speak

Right firstly sorry for the fact I've been quiet for the last month.....hard for me to do let me tell ya!

You wouldn't believe the work load seriously, but it's holiday time now so hopefully this will mean more time to blog, not that I have much choice as I need to blog in order to complete my professional practice project over's complicated, I won't bore you with the details....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Soooo I shall get pictures up of what I've actually been doing with my time :) I think you'll be impressed...