Thursday, 28 October 2010

Work work work!

We're at the discovering trends stage in our project at the moment, and I'm finding it extremely difficult to find much information as A/W 2011/12 is a whole year away! 
However we can kinda mix and match this year, sorta make our own trends to fit in with our chosen designer, mine being Martin Margiela, which is actually quite fun...
Here's 4 of my trend pages, I'm quite pleased with the layouts and overall look, if I had more time I could have probably made them better, but when time is short...

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Valentino's Fall 2010 Couture Collection

Netted Skirt Nightmare... I have the mission of making 2 heavily gathered net skirts for dance costumes by Friday...
Doesn't sound too bad, until you take into consideration I have uni work that needs completing and 1 day off this week. Help. 
I've never even made a 'tutu' before :S it takes a lot more net than I thought. Anyway the first one is finished, taking roughly 6 hours (working late into the night I may add) and even if I do say so myself, is looking pretty damn good
Of course neatening and trimming is required but that's the least of my worries at this stage.

It does give volume to the skirt, so hopefully it will meet my clients requirements!
I'll let you know later if they brought the girls luck in their competition....fingers crossed :)