Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Welcome to my Home

For the last year I've been collecting little bits and bobs for when I get my own place.....premature I know, but I get so excited about it all, planning the decor and dinner parties....(ahhh I need to get out more)

So if I see a bargain I get it, so far my collection consists of a lot of vintage/cupcake style things......that whole cutesy image will probably be long gone by the time I'm housed but I'll keep buying :)

Here are some of my inspirations for the interior I just loveeee

It's all so clean and fresh and homely....

I bought these the other day, as I'm also a bit of a wanna be 'desperate housewife' I like baking, sooooo

Bun Cases from Marks & Spencer / Coasters from Accessorize

Don't you think the coasters are so cute! I also thought the heart shaped bun cases would be perfect for future valentines days :)

By the way.....if I had to be one of the 'Housewives' I'd be Susan, ditsy, funny and just trying to do the right thing.....oh and she also gets Mike as a husband....hmmm yum!


  1. Design my house pleeeeeeeeeease I want them all ><

    Look at this I saw on Paperchase earlier, I really want it for some unknown reason. There's one in Eldon Square, I'm fighting the urge to go buy it.


    Really want this too


    Love it!

  2. aww their cute! Get them, it's not like their stupidly expensive! :) xx