Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I do love my bed...

I think I've mentioned before, I like making my bed look all nice and comfy and clean and pretty....the only down side to this is it's very difficult to actually get myself out of bed in the morning, especially when typical English weather is blessing us :/

I have a need to make things just look nice and inviting, I'm a bit of a geek for DIY shows and home makeover programmes (daytime TV ftw :))

Last week I came across this bedding in Primark...it was just perfect for me

'I LOVE MY BED' - Primark £14 (Double)

Only £14 for a double size. The colours are possibly a little boyish, however it does have the British colour theme so that can't be helped. It made me smile so I had to buy...

I also purchased some more cushions...oops....probably getting too many cushions and not enough places to put them....but there sooo pretty and comfy and look...erm..nice :) (needless to say the mother just rolled her eyes)

Union Jack Crown Cushions - Primark £6 each

They were £6 each which is a total bargain when you compare them to the prices in Bhs or Debenhams, for pretty much the same design, and I have to say Primark cushion are good quality for the value.

Again they are Union Jack patterned, sorta got a theme going on I think, but they will be moving downstairs onto the living room sofa once we have decorated. So don't worry my bedrooms not gonna transform into some sort of shrine to England.....amusing!

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