Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rule Britannia!!!

I'm loving the union jack cushions that are all over at the moment, although I thought they were slightly overpriced in some shops (especially as my dog likes to chew/lick/have sexual relations with cushions.....don't ask. sighhh.) I didn't want to pay loadsss.
Then I came across these beauties in Primark.....good quality, on trend and just what I wanted.....I know it's hard to believe from such a store. I think they look great :)

Union Jack Stag Cushions - £6 each from Primark
 And the strange lump in the center is my cat...she refused to move, and I didn't want to mess with the Princess! :)


  1. Ha I have the floral union jack cushion from Primark, we are scary ><

  2. Cool post, I love the cushions! I found some like that somewhere else and posted it on my blog a while ago, but they were much more expensive than Primark prices. Amazing find, I'm going to have to go to Primark soon! Thanks for posting! Check out my blog and maybe follow? Thanks,