Wednesday, 26 January 2011

We all love shirts!

I don't tend to shop in Primark anymore, unless for the everyday day vest tops and t-shirts, however yesterday I came across these beauties and I was very pleased with my finds...(unfortunately I didn't have time to photo them on me, so hangers it is)


Thought I'd go for a bit of black for a change. Classy.
Also got these...even though I totally don't need any more jewelry, finding it hard to house it all as it is!


There's some pretty good stuff in Primark at the minute actually, and yes everyone will be wearing it....doesn't everyone wear the same from Topshop also however?? 
It works both ways, and unfortunately with this years plans....I'm on a Primark budget!

A Swan Queen or Ugly Duckling?



I went to see Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan' today, after reading so many reviews and hearing peoples comments and to be honest, for me it was a let down.

Don't get me wrong, it was beautifully filmed and directed. Stunning costumes. Brilliant acting from Natalie Portman. Amazing feel to the whole movie...yet I think the overall detail to the story was lacking a spark....yes it had me talking for a good couple of hours after, yes it left me thinking about what I'd just seen...but in a weeks time it will be just another film in my distant memory (unlike true genius like Inception or LOTR, films I will never forget, nor do I want to)

I felt I walked away questioning certain parts of the film. Obviously we discover it's all been in her head and more of less the story of 'Swan Lake' becomes true and she ends up killing herself in the madness of perfection. But are we supposed to presume that literally everything that happen before this moment was false....for example, what actually happened after the club? She comes home alone? Did she get hit by her mother or was it actually the other way round? Was the rash real or not, her mother could see it yet at the end it causes her to 'grows wings', which wasn't real? How did she break the throwing herself into it? How did she managed to dance perfectly with glass in her stomach? Did Nina stab Beth in the face? What were all those paintings about? Why did her mother keep asking if she'd been scratching herself again, what was the history there?

Yes maybe stupid questions that I shouldn't think about but when you look at the details, it is a little messed up.

I would of liked to have found out more about her mother's past so I could of understood the feeling and emotion there.

Another thing...Thomas tells Nina to go home and touch herself. Okay yeah everyone understands what he means, everyone understands why he's said it we have a scene showing Natalie Portman touching herself, okay that's fine it's all part of getting into the black swans mind set, letting herself go.....but I'm sorry, how many times did we have to see it after that?? Maybe it's just me (I'm sure no boys that have seen the film would be complaining) but there must of been at 3 times we have to see her know something, I think we might just get it, we really don't need to be shown again and again and again.....Seemed pretty pointless personally. Kinda got sick of the whole 'Lets all grab Nina's crotch' game the cast had going on. Not to mention some girl on girl action thrown in for the'd think a ballet film would be every guys nightmare....not this film trust me :)

I do understand the film and I do understand what was trying to be portrayed and the whole good, frigid, perfectionist vs the bad, seductive, carefree characters. And yes it was done very well I admit.

I think the mix of genres worked well, psychological thriller with slight horror and to bring beautiful ballet dancing into that as well, was a job well done.

I'm sure all the film boffs out there will disagree hugely with my opinions, instead they will be touching themselves about this film tonight....(like what I did there :P)

But everyone has their opinions and for me, from an average cinema goer's perspective, it was just not as good as I thought/hoped it was going to be.

I'd like to mention briefly the costumes in the film.
The costumes were designed by Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Their inspirations came from Anna Pavlova's 'The Dying Swan', images from New York City Ballet in the 1970's and 1980's, Eva Hesse and Rodarte's own s/s 2010 collection.
Quote 'The practise tutu had to be stained to show years of use. Tattered beauty has always been part of our design' 

For me the costumes were fantastic, as I've always wanted to create a collection based on ballet dancers. The designs seemed so effortless and simple yet, so delicate and detailed. 
I also loved the make up used for both sides of the swan, the way all the elements can turn a persons image and (in this films case) personality into something completely different.

Overall, a beautifully executed film, visually superb an example of art and media working together perfectly. Just slight let downs in the story. Definitely worth going to see if you're interested in design and media.

Natalie Portman does deserve an award for her performance, I admire her for the amount of work she must of put in for this role. True commitment.


Monday, 24 January 2011

The week

16th January
17th January
18th January
19th January
20th January
21st January
22nd January
23rd January

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Never enough

Some purchases arrived the other day from ASOS. Love that website! Totally awesome with the free delivery and returns and all that :) Veryy impressive...

Lace Body £8
Khaki Harem Style Trousers

Bikini £9

I'm afraid I can't remember the prices of everything :/

I love the jewelry, it's presented really nicely in little envelopes, perfect for presents, there's quite a few to choose from and I'm sure I've seen them in another shop somewhere.

Oh and the nail varnish is Barry M Sugared Lilac :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm Back

Exam is over. Revision has ended. Feedback has been received.

Semester 1 is officially over and I have 5 days of utter bliss (not a single thing that needs doing...unbelievable) before round 2 begins.....

I currently have a banging headache, so this is just a quick post, thought you might be interested to see my little wall display, dedicated to Vivienne Westwood

I visited a Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition way back in June last year, in Barnsley. It was pretty impressive. They had about 50 pairs of shoes on display, from her very first pirate boots and hooker shoes to her more recent designs. It was very interesting.

I found out the collection had actually been borrowed from a big fan of Viv West, who had been collecting her shoes for years and had generously said the public could take a look. 
I think the exhibition was on for a few months, and I strongly recommend if it's on again this year and you like love shoes....check it out!
The admission was free, so on the way out I decided to buy the set of 10 postcards for £5 as a donation to the civic center. Well worth it! I've been tidying (clearing out the crap) my bedroom, I came across the set of postcards again and thought it was a shame not to have them on show rather than in a here they are, pride of place on my bedroom wall. Result! :)

P.S. I haven't forgotten about 'Photo of the Day' I've decided to upload them a week at a time :)

Saturday, 15 January 2011


15th January
Todays photo of the day is a random one...

These cute new toys came into work today, I love them, the little set of baby meerkat triplets are my favorite! I remember playing with Sylvanian's when I was little, I haven't seen them around for agessss, so I was very pleased to see they have been brought back and sweeter than ever!

Sorry for the lack of decent posts recently, I'm supposed to be revising :( erghhhh!

Thursday, 13 January 2011


As you know from previous posts I'm wayyy too organised when it comes to future planning (the fact I have a cupboard full of things for my 'own' house is proof)

Well yesterday I took it a step further.....I bought baby clothes! (omg)
Actually it was because I work at Mothercare (I didn't go out specifically looking to buy baby clothes!) and there pieces from the Myleene Klass 'Baby K' range. They had gone really cheap in the sales and I've always loved them, when the new collection comes in I just diiieee! 

When we first started selling her designs, no one was keen on the idea of dressing babies in black, she seems very found of that colour. Honestly though, there are some gorgeous items.
So anyway I bought a few bits, not necessarily for myself, for example if a friend or relative has a baby any time soon, then obviously I'll give them as presents (even though I do really wanna keep them!)
(Oh and I'm not pregnant or planning on getting pregnant any time soon, just to clear that up :))

Boys Chunky Knit - Was £18 Now £12

Boys Guitar Top - Was £10 Now £4

Ruffle Dress - Was £28 Now £8

Button Detail Vest - Was £8 Now £4

Fair isle Knit Jumper - Was £18 Now £12

Bouderie Anglaise Romper with Hat - Was £25 Now £10
I actually quite like the idea of designing kids clothes, I think it would be interesting being able to use bright colours and cute trims...awww I can see it now....a kids catwalk show! 

Free as a Bird

13th January
(You don't know how long I had to wait for them to fly away! Now that's commitment!)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

How Much!?

I was thinking about clothes today (yes it really does rule my life) and I realised in yesterdays Topshop spending spree post I spent a whopping £514!!!(on what was basically 2 outfits)

Thank god it was only a post. I think I'll stick to the cheap and cheerful copies that Primark etc. will provide us...


12th January
Enough said....

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Why do you taunt me so...

I just made the mistake of looking at Topshops new items.....why, I do not know, as I've made a promise to myself and my mother that I'm going to curb my spending, due to the fact I've got quite a few holidays this year and a student loan doesn't go that far....

Anyway. I've looked. I've drooled. I've fallen in love and now I must resist...

Americana Hotpants £26

Open Back Sun Top £28

Balcony Bralet £20

Mini Briefs £8
Open Back Shirt £38
Tapered Trousers £42

Floral Bralet £20

Mini Briefs £6
Suede Peep Toe Platform £75
Cut Out Shoe Boot £68

Trolley Case £98
Leather Lock Handle Bag £55

Duck Feather Drops £10
Wing Pendant £10
Branch Claw Ring £10

I love the trolley case, would be perfect for my shorts breaks to Paris and New York this year, so cute! My jewellery addiction needs those pieces! Seriouslyyy!

Why did I look!?