Friday, 31 December 2010

End of a Chapter

Well 2010 is coming to an end soon....can't say I'll miss it to be honest (it's been pretty pants) not one of my best years for sureee...

But 2011 brings a new start and what looks to be a very busy year
  • Carnage in Newcastle with the homie
  • Trip to Paris with the Jempson
  • Trip to New York with the Jempson
  • The start of work exciting!!!
  • My 21st!! oh myyy
And all the little things in between....and whatever else is yet to be's looking good folks

I'm hoping 2011 will treat me well, come on, I deserve it seriously

I'm thinking my New Years resolution should be to focus on uni work more, try my best at everything I do, and I probably should start growing up and acting like an adult.......  

Nahhhhhhhhhhh FORGET THAT! :) Fun all the way I say!


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