Sunday, 9 January 2011

Getting Inked

I know this is totally off the topic of fashion but I did say there was random thrown in :)

I've wanted a tattoo for agess, but I'm really indecisive about designs and where to get I've always changed my mind... the thought of it being forever then if I decide I don't like it after a year, so I wanted to be 100% sure.

Then recently I've had a change of only live once right? Soo if I want a tattoo, why shouldn't I get one. So what if it will look stupid when I'm 70....that's 50 years away!

The only problem now is I'm still unsure what to get! Too many ideas not enough skin! I want something small and discrete really, plus I seem to be picking places that are going to be most painful apparently, which is also a little unnerving! So if anyone can give me advice, most grateful! :)
I'm quite keen on Rihanna's gun tattoo and where it is, apparently she got it to symbolise strength, which I quite like the idea of...possibility???
Love this one Megan Fox has, I like the idea of having something that has a meaning to it, however I think this is slightly overpowering, it takes over the whole side of her body!
Fan of the anklet idea?? This is Nicole Richie's, I think it's nice and simple, classy......oooo too many ideas!!! 

I'm back to square one I guess! Decisions decisions.....

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  1. Welcome to inspiration

    Most random so far is a whisk on someone's forearm!

    S x