Friday, 27 May 2011

Hanna with Hannah

Been meaning to write this post for about 2 weeks now...

Went to see Joe Wright's 'Hanna' after our horrible Design Theory exam, both Hannah and me (Hannah is my uni side kick, hence the 'Hanna with Hannah' 'joke') decided we wanted a 'kick ass' film, considering our moods after the stress of revision all week.

I did think the trailer looked good, but it's one of those films I thought I wouldn't mind seeing but if I don't get to then I'll see it on TV. Wasn't that fussed...

However, it was actually very very good and on the big screen it seemed to make it that much more...exciting, I doubt you could get the same effect in your living room.

The story is about a German girl, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) raised by her father Erik (Eric Bana) to be the perfect assassin. She is then sent on a mission to kill Marissa (Cate Blanchett) basically before she kills her. Que a lot of action scenes involving a 16 year old girl killing the 'bad guys'.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the film, there isn't a slow 'boring' explanation part where you kinda wanna just shout 'come on, bring on the action!' it genuinely didn't stop for a second.

Some people may not like the fact the story wasn't explained at the beginning, you had to work out the reason for what was happening while you watched and literally the full story didn't become clear until about 20 minutes from the end. I don't mind this, as I think it keeps you guessing. It  didn't ruin the story, it was one of those films where you sit back as the credits roll and think 'ahhhh' as the penny drops.....

When everything was explained I did find it a slight let down, just because of how amazing the film had been so far the end explanation was a little lame, and the details weren't made that clear. If it wasn't for brilliant acting and action shots, it could have ruined the film but luckily I think they pulled it off.

Cate Blanchett was a very impressive 'bitch'. She played the part of nasty Marissa Wiegler very well, and the German accent just added to the creepy evilness. 

I have to mention Tom Hollander (Isaacs) now I don't know if his part was supposed to have a slight comedy value but he definitely made us laugh, just his overall appearance throughout was comical. Awfully dyed blonde hair that looked glued onto his head, his terrible shell suit outfits, and his 'pathetic guy trying to be tough guy' act is just laughable. I'm not saying he did a bad job, his character was brilliant, but if they didn't want to make people laugh then maybe he wasn't best for the part.

Also another comedy element in the film are the family Hanna travels with and becomes best friends with their daughter Sophie who is a classic character and really cheers up the mood of the film. 
If their was one thing I was confused about when I left the cinema was that we never get told what actually happened to the family when they were caught, I didn't know whether we were to presume they had been killed once they had given all the information they had or whether they escaped/let go?? 
Highly doubtful when everyone Marissa came in contact with ended up dead. A shame they weren't referred to at any point at the end or maybe a reference to the friendship bracelets would of been nice, so that was a slight disapointment. 

Apart from that the overall film was very enjoyable and definitely had me leaving the cinema thinking 'I wanna fight like that!'

So if your a fan of films such as Kill Bill and action films like James Bond (without the cheese) then this is a film for you. It's definitely worth seeing and I don't think its got the recognition it deserves. 
It's visually stunning and the acting is pretty faultless. Very much action all the way, however hints of comedy and 'real life' make this much more than just a killing spree. 
You'll find yourself falling in love with the character Hanna and her need for a normal childhood.

Hanna gets 8/10 from me!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hurray for H&M!


It's always been one of my favorite shops....and it just makes me fall in love with it again and again every season!

Red Lace Skirt - £14.99 £7.00

This high-waisted lace skirt was in the sale, surprisingly they had my size left. I don't usually wear high-waisted styles, but I really like this. It's comfy and I think it's really flattering as it skims over your stomach (especially good if you've just eaten) Once it's actually in place on my waist, it ends up being quite short, but I think it would also look good with tights for colder weathers.

Crochet Style Shorts - £14.99

Wasn't sure about these shorts, they have a 'bloomer' shape to them, which I didn't know whether it suited me. There made from organic cotton so were a little more expensive than some of the other shorts. Although white is a good colour for summer and I haven't got anything like this so I'm thinking of keeping them. Bad point...they are a little see through...plan ahead

Sheer Shift Dress - £24.99
Back Detail

I really love this dress, it's just one of those effortlessly chic designs, but had my doubts as to whether it suited my figure. With it being a shift style, it falls over the body, sometimes making certain people look like their considerably larger than they are or pregnant (neither of these I particularly wanted to look like) After trying it with a few belts and heels....I decided to keep is reallllllly pretty :) I'm sure if it looks awful someone will point it out to me!

Check out H&M's new range, there's some B.E.A.UTIFUL things at reasonable prices...go go GO!!!

I do love my bed...

I think I've mentioned before, I like making my bed look all nice and comfy and clean and pretty....the only down side to this is it's very difficult to actually get myself out of bed in the morning, especially when typical English weather is blessing us :/

I have a need to make things just look nice and inviting, I'm a bit of a geek for DIY shows and home makeover programmes (daytime TV ftw :))

Last week I came across this bedding in was just perfect for me

'I LOVE MY BED' - Primark £14 (Double)

Only £14 for a double size. The colours are possibly a little boyish, however it does have the British colour theme so that can't be helped. It made me smile so I had to buy...

I also purchased some more cushions...oops....probably getting too many cushions and not enough places to put them....but there sooo pretty and comfy and look...erm..nice :) (needless to say the mother just rolled her eyes)

Union Jack Crown Cushions - Primark £6 each

They were £6 each which is a total bargain when you compare them to the prices in Bhs or Debenhams, for pretty much the same design, and I have to say Primark cushion are good quality for the value.

Again they are Union Jack patterned, sorta got a theme going on I think, but they will be moving downstairs onto the living room sofa once we have decorated. So don't worry my bedrooms not gonna transform into some sort of shrine to England.....amusing!


I've actually just realised I bought the wrong nail varnish...but here's a post anyway

I read about the new Revlon scented nail varnish (bubblegum grabbed my attention the most) and when I went looking for it, I'd somehow got the brand mixed up and went in search of Rimmel instead....expecting to find a big shining new stand brimming with pretty colours and summery scents to advertise this new product. I was surprised to find 4 options hidden away at the bottom of a shelf, with only 1 colour left in stock....puzzled I bought the only option left 'Lemon Drop' for only £2.99.

After re-reading the article I realised my mistake, so everybody look out for the new scented REVLON nail varnish it's about £7 a bottle but they look a pretty decent size for that price. Their limited edition, so be quick!
Click here to see all the lovely colours and scents available

However the Rimmel version was still quite impressive. I have to say the scent didn't last very long, once I'd had a shower it was regular nail varnish. It didn't bother me as I love the pastel lemon colour anyway. So far I've had it on a full day and no chips as of yet, I'd give the Rimmel 'Fruities' 6/10

Monday, 9 May 2011

There's a fish...eating my foot...

Today I treated myself to a shopping spree in York....I haven't been shopping in what feels like forever, and there's sooo many nice things about at the minute, I couldn't resist!

I took my muma with me, as I've been wanting to treat her to the new faze of a 'Piranha Pedicure' :) She's always going on about her feet and how she would like to go to a spa and have a proper pedicure when I heard about a place in York call Happy sounded perfect...

Little fish nibble the dead, hard skin on your feet and make them smooth and sounds pretty gross, but was surprisingly relaxing! 
At first I couldn't stop laughing, the sensation was so weird as all these fish dive bombed my feet, it was really amusing, and I'm not that great with people tickling my feet so it took a while for me to clam down. 
My mum loved it. I'm glad we tried it, I'd definitely go again, it's £10 for 15 minutes and £20 for 35 minutes. 
Unfortunately I haven't got a picture as I left my bag where I couldn't reach, and once your feet are in the water you can't take them out again until your finished, in case they get dirty....but here's what it looks like....

Then with my refreshed feet, I then went and spent far too much on some new pieces for my summer wardrobe...

Dorothy Perkins £6.50 £3.00
River Island £21.99
 Love this top! Spotted it just as I was about to walk out, they only had 2 in store, apparently it's new in. I love the bright elephant print and the cute little bow detail at the back, perfect teamed with some denim hot pants.

Dorothy Perkins £25.00 £12.00
 Not sure about these trousers, I'm having to swap them for a smaller size, with the style being baggy anyway, they look too loose. Worn with a plain t-shirt or vest top, nothing that will clash with the pattern.

H&M £19.99 £7.00
Sweet little jacket. I liked the cool leather patches on the elbows, not the kinda thing I usually go for but thought it would be useful when the weather gets cooler.

H&M £14.99
Adore this top! Wasn't sure whether it would suit me, as their usually designed for people with no boobs. However it looks really nice and summery and I was assured by my mum that I didn't look like a Victorian I decide to keep :)

H&M £7.99
This t-shirt is for the no violence campaign H&M is part of at the the moment, it's also made from organic cotton, as it's quite over sized, I thought I could tie it in at the waist to give it more shape.

New Look £14.99
This bag is great for summer, perfect for my holidays :) Carrying my beach towel!

New Look £14.99

Again this isn't something I usually go for, but it looks great on. Really pleased I found it, as it was shoved to the back of a rail in the corner of the store!

New Look £17.99

Finally I've purchase a long sleeved cardigan! All I seem to have in my wardrobe are quarter sleeves, which are sometimes, just no good in English weather! Love the pretty pattern too.

New Look £7.99
Basic over sized tee, great for every day, comfy and nice and bright for a change!

New Look £8.99

A royal wedding inspired tee....cheesy I know, but really cute, thinking of cropping it and tieing at the back to make it a bit more interesting.

New Look £19.99
Been looking at some shorts like this for a while now, they look really nice on and are perfect for something a little more dressy than denim.

To finish the day we stopped off at a gorgeous cake shop and bought some treats to take home...I can confirm they were to die for...especially the strawberry one! Yum! 

Great to purchase another wardrobe......

The Girls

Once again it was time for a catch up with The Fashion Girls, discuss the latest gossip, relationships, friends new and old, plans for the future and of

We gathered at our 'usual' Frankie & Benny''s tradition now, not a single word needs to cross our lips...we just know....we know the menu off by heart :)

This is what I wore for the evening...

Tights-New Look
 I love getting to see the girls, we don't see enough of each other really, compared to spending nearly every day with each other for 2 years, I cherish being able to feel like 'old times'
I get to see my right hand woman Han everyday at uni, but Soph is away in Manchester and Steffers is a full time hard worker! 
I know we'll always be around for each other, which is nice when you don't have to see someone every day to know that when you need them...they'll be there.

Steffers and Han
Soph and Moi

The food

We ate, we drank and we chatted until the restaurant was empty...

I <3 My Girls...Fashion Friends cheesy! :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

My Photography Project

I think I mentioned this a while ago, and as promised here are the results of a mad few days...


A lot of fun was had by all...

Round Two. Done.

I'm done.


Second year of uni is over, and I'm kinda relived yet a little lost at the same time, I haven't had literally nothing to do for a long time! I don't even know where to start with all the little personal projects I've had in my head for the last year, that I can now do!

(Technically I still have an exam to do, but I'm ignoring that fact, as I'm no good with exams anyway, so there's no point stressing)

So now I'm free for a while before my year in industry starts (I realised I haven't really mentioned this yet, basically I have got a job at a couture wedding dress shop, and also I job making costumes for a media production thing....a post to come no doubt)

Lots to do from now till September 2012...

I've also got quite a few posts to catch up on, a few film reviews, shopping sprees, uni projects and general life...The Royal Wedding! I never got chance to mention....long story short...It was beautiful. There were tears. Dress was perfect. Loved it.

The next few posts will probably be catch ups of the last few weeks... enjoy :)