Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I've actually just realised I bought the wrong nail varnish...but here's a post anyway

I read about the new Revlon scented nail varnish (bubblegum grabbed my attention the most) and when I went looking for it, I'd somehow got the brand mixed up and went in search of Rimmel instead....expecting to find a big shining new stand brimming with pretty colours and summery scents to advertise this new product. I was surprised to find 4 options hidden away at the bottom of a shelf, with only 1 colour left in stock....puzzled I bought the only option left 'Lemon Drop' for only £2.99.

After re-reading the article I realised my mistake, so everybody look out for the new scented REVLON nail varnish it's about £7 a bottle but they look a pretty decent size for that price. Their limited edition, so be quick!
Click here to see all the lovely colours and scents available

However the Rimmel version was still quite impressive. I have to say the scent didn't last very long, once I'd had a shower it was regular nail varnish. It didn't bother me as I love the pastel lemon colour anyway. So far I've had it on a full day and no chips as of yet, I'd give the Rimmel 'Fruities' 6/10

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