Monday, 9 May 2011

The Girls

Once again it was time for a catch up with The Fashion Girls, discuss the latest gossip, relationships, friends new and old, plans for the future and of

We gathered at our 'usual' Frankie & Benny''s tradition now, not a single word needs to cross our lips...we just know....we know the menu off by heart :)

This is what I wore for the evening...

Tights-New Look
 I love getting to see the girls, we don't see enough of each other really, compared to spending nearly every day with each other for 2 years, I cherish being able to feel like 'old times'
I get to see my right hand woman Han everyday at uni, but Soph is away in Manchester and Steffers is a full time hard worker! 
I know we'll always be around for each other, which is nice when you don't have to see someone every day to know that when you need them...they'll be there.

Steffers and Han
Soph and Moi

The food

We ate, we drank and we chatted until the restaurant was empty...

I <3 My Girls...Fashion Friends cheesy! :)

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