Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hurray for H&M!


It's always been one of my favorite shops....and it just makes me fall in love with it again and again every season!

Red Lace Skirt - £14.99 £7.00

This high-waisted lace skirt was in the sale, surprisingly they had my size left. I don't usually wear high-waisted styles, but I really like this. It's comfy and I think it's really flattering as it skims over your stomach (especially good if you've just eaten) Once it's actually in place on my waist, it ends up being quite short, but I think it would also look good with tights for colder weathers.

Crochet Style Shorts - £14.99

Wasn't sure about these shorts, they have a 'bloomer' shape to them, which I didn't know whether it suited me. There made from organic cotton so were a little more expensive than some of the other shorts. Although white is a good colour for summer and I haven't got anything like this so I'm thinking of keeping them. Bad point...they are a little see through...plan ahead

Sheer Shift Dress - £24.99
Back Detail

I really love this dress, it's just one of those effortlessly chic designs, but had my doubts as to whether it suited my figure. With it being a shift style, it falls over the body, sometimes making certain people look like their considerably larger than they are or pregnant (neither of these I particularly wanted to look like) After trying it with a few belts and heels....I decided to keep it.....it is reallllllly pretty :) I'm sure if it looks awful someone will point it out to me!

Check out H&M's new range, there's some B.E.A.UTIFUL things at reasonable prices...go go GO!!!

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