Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Play Time?

I'm approaching the final hurdle of my uni work....(emphasis on approaching, I am not there yet! A lot could still go wrong)

Just a quick post about a play suit I bought the other week. It must be at least 2 years I've been searching for a play suit I liked, always found them to either look like pyjamas or were too short or really cheap material or basically just looked...awful (like a baby's romper...whats that all about!)

I was searching ASOS for any bargains, and came across a butterfly print one from Mango, from £40 down to £18. Now I've ordered things from ASOS before that don't look anything like the picture! (A fair trade t-shirt, then when it arrives looked like a table cloth, and a horrible one at that!) But I do love ASOS for the free delivery and returns anyway so I don't mind the occasionally mess up.

Anyway, the play suit arrived and it's really great, the length isn't stupidly short and the top actually looks like a top rather than a baggy sack like teamed it with a belt and some boots and voila!

Here you go......

Now back to my work....woo!

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