Monday, 11 April 2011


I've been searching the web for ideas to help me with my photography project over Easter. I've managed to persuade my good friend to be my model/guinea pig and let me transform her into a sinner of pride (the project is related to the 7 deadly sins)

Therefore I've been trying to get ideas for really over the top, theatrical fashion make up and hairstyles, however with me being neither a makeup artist or a hairdresser, the task will no doubt turn out to be a lot harder than I think....I also have literally 2 days to get my 10 images, not to mention the time taken to change outfits, change hair, change makeup....its going to be very stressful I can tell already! 
Which means I would like to find some sort of idea that I can add things to as the day goes on, rather than take the make up off each time and redo, which will result in me getting fed up and my models skin taking a beating! 

All my shots are based outside sooo lets not even start on the problem if the weathers bad.....which knowing my luck it will be....think positive think positive think positive....

Anyway here's somethings I've found, kinda liking the idea of big OTT lashes and big back combed hair...

Here I like the harsh black block going straight across the eye, this could be easy to achieve

This looks like a lace effect, which I could try using a piece of lace fabric and attaching it to the face with something...erm any ideas what I could use?? Maybe eyelash glue??

Love these lashes!, Would literally need nothing else as they create all the drama I need, need to try and find where these can be purchased from...

This is perfect but looks a bit too tricky for me plus its very busy and would be difficult to adapt

Love this mockled effect, but again maybe to much for quick changes, but if I have time I would like to try this

This is fun, the colours wouldn't go with the theme of my images but it's interesting anyway!

This is so cute! I do not have a clue how its been achieved! But I really like it, very catwalk!

I could do this! I have a lot of net fabric.....hmnmm possibility

Big hair! Love it! Wish I had hair like this, I'm thinking lots of hairspray, go mental with a brush and tadarr!

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