Monday, 7 March 2011

Me? An Eco Warrior...

As you may or may not have noticed I haven't purchased anything for a while...I've been so busy slaving away (I exaggerate slightly but that is what it felt like at the time!) at my computer that *deep breath*..... I totally forgot about shopping!!! Now if you know me well then you know that doesn't happen often, but if I'm completely honest I haven't wanted or needed anything in a while, which I think is quite an achievement for me, who usually buys any random thing just because I'm bored or feeling down or because it's just such a good bargain.

So anyway I think the last thing I bought was a travel cushion and a pair of shoes of a job interview just before I went to Paris, which is about a month ago I think, so their you go, a whole month without shopping. Well Done me :)
However, guess where I'm going tonight.....technically I'm going shopping for my dads birthday presents, but you never know, I could possible stumble across something for myself, I'll let you know.

It seems strange that I've just spent the last month researching and writing about why we should all turn to Eco fashion, slow fashion is good, fast fashion is bad etc.Yet here I am ready to start my bad habits all over again.

In fact our project at uni has made me think a lot about consumer habits and how it's effecting our environment, and believe me, I'm ashamed to say it's not like me to think about the environment this way, I'm one of those people that doesn't think it's my responsibility and that everyone else will do something about it. I know it's bad, but now I've researched into it and understand exactly whats going on, I am going to change my ways and try and take more care in what I buy.

It's not necessarily all about 'stop shopping at Primark', 'wear your clothes until they have holes in them...and even then sew them back up' I'm thinking more along the lines of, recycling clothes, giving them to charity shops or selling them on EBay, rather than just throwing them away, which I never do anyway. I have annual sort out of my bedroom and everything goes to charity (unless it's completely useless, then I bin it) It's the throwing away of clothes that could of been recycled, that's having a big effect on the environment, the landfill sites are overflowing with fabrics decomposing, some of which are releasing harmful gases into the air.

I think even if everyone could try to give their clothes a second life rather than discarding them as rubbish, then a difference will be made. 

Fashions changing all the time, and I very much doubt that the consumer habits of following every trend, buying cheap fast fashion and having wardrobes that collapse at the amount of clothes (this happened to me the other week) is going to change anytime soon. There's pressure from magazines, TV, high street stores to go out and buy their clothes and look like certain celebrities or copy catwalk styles, this is a massive industry to tackle and expect change. 

But we can all do our bit to help.

Strongly suggest 'Green is the new Black' by Tamsin Blanchard (I got mine for 99p off Amazon)

If your interested in finding out about how you can improve your shopping habits and help the environment, trust me it's a seriously good book, full of tips on how to make your own clothes and where the best vintage markets are etc.

Well I never thought I'd be turned into an Eco warrior! ;)

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