Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I while ago I mentioned the Vivienne Westwood shoe exhibition I went to in Barnsley at the Civic Center last year, which was excellent...well tomorrow The LBD exhibition opens. It looks just as interesting, and I will definitely be going to check it out before I go back to uni. 

The exhibition looks at the different styles and interpretations of the famous, iconic item of every woman's wardrobe over the decades. Contributions to the collection have been made by local designers and collectors and also museums, there will be everything from the well known Audrey Hepburn dress to the more recent Cheryl Cole...fascinating!

Admission is free which is always a plus, although last time I went, I bought some photos of the best shoes for my bedroom wall, so hopefully I'll be able to get some LBD one's to go with my collection :)

Definitely worth a visit if it's anything like the Viv West one (I shall confirm it's worth going once I've been)
Barnsley itself is not a bad place, lots of little boutiques and markets where you can buy fabrics and bits, make a day of it!

So it opens tomorrow and will probably be open until at least the end of July like last year.

My idea of Heaven!!!

Check check check checkin it out!!! wooo  

(yes I did just quote Little Chris....oh dear)

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