Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Feel Neglected?

Erghhhh....it's feels like forever since I've done a post....sorry bout that folks

I've been so busy trying to get everything sorted for my New York trip, deadlines to complete before I go, not to mention the packing, plus I've managed to fit quite a few shopping sprees in recently....it's been very hectic!

I still haven't packed everything, the usual problems...everything needs ironing, trying to plan outfits for the week and generally remembering all the important documents and information....arghh why does it have to be so stressful...don't get me wrong once I'm on that plane the excitement begins, but I can never seem to relax until I'm properly on my way, there's always a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I've forgotten something important...

I still can't actually believe I'm going to New York...wow I hope it's as good as everyone says....I'm planning late nights, early mornings and A LOT of sightseeing :)

So anyway, a NY post to come in a weeks time....lots of photos 

Here's a few items I bought in Topshop's FLASH SALE! I just happened to be going in to return a pair of shorts, and luckily all the new neat sale items had just been brought out....(now that is lucky) so I filled my boots....or should I say basket :)

£38 £20
£28 £7

£45 £25
That's all for now....have to get to bed ready for my final 'proper' day of uni for Year 2! I've actually survived another year...halfway there woohoo! Cannot wait for a break, not that I can fully relax as I've still got loads of work to do ready for after Easter deadlines, but still....lie-ins and late nights are all I need :)

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