Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My new love

 Whipping off a black and white number to reveal some OTT underwear and perform 'Say My Name' on X Factor....whats the harm in that??? Apparently millions complained....ermmm yeah it's called fashion, it's a performance, a costume....GET OVER IT. *sighhhh*
 Ohhh I adore this, it's so cute yet still unique and interesting. A William Tempest design from s/s 2011, the flowers were added on as an extra to match the hair piece.....I think it works wonderfully! 

 I think perhaps my favorite of Rihanna's X Factor outfits.....I spent the entire performance trying to work out how she was wearing underwear...if she was that is! So elegant and simple, she looked stunning. 10/10!

Conclusion....I want to be her. End of.

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