Thursday, 30 December 2010

Legs Eleven

My River Island purchases arrived today :D yay!

Brief run down of my goodies...

Was £7.99 Now £3.00

 I loveee this ring, I know it's slightly over the top but what the hell!
Was £16.99 Now £8.00
 Been looking for a new purse for a while and River Island ones always serve me well (my previous one lasting 3 years which is a record for me!) and this was such a bargain I just had to have it.
Was £25 Now £10
 Ahhh my Henry Holland suspender socks, LOVE! There extra long to create a ruched effect down the leg (when I first opened them I thought they'd been made to fit a giraffe!)
Was £15 Now £5
 Henry Holland mock suspender tights, wasn't sure about the leg pattern, but looked better than I expected, result.
Was £10 Now £5
 And my 'wannabe' Rihanna lace short tights, similar to the ones she wears in the 'Whats my Name' video, which will come in very handy when I'm freeeeaking out at how short a skirt or dress is!

All in all a good spending spree I think :) Oh I do love the sales....


  1. OHH i bought some henry holland suspender tights the other day :) im waiting for them to arrive! im loving the blog! xxx

  2. Nice pins darlin' ;)

    Haha love the suspender socks, you minx! xx