Thursday, 3 February 2011

Matte Magic

A quick post as I've got soooo much uni work to get on with...

Thought I'd show you my newest nail varnish from Avon. I chose 'Cement' for a change, I really like the colour, however once it had dried (very fast drying) I wasn't keen on the matte reminded me of a chalkboard and whenever I looked at my nails it made me cringe
The colour probably didn't help, a brighter colour would have been better for this style of nail varnish.
So I ended up covering it with a clear varnish on top....shiny was much better :)

I definitely try another colour at only £2 a bottle!

(Warning...wasn't long before it chipped...probably lasted a day. Nails Inc is still the winner in that debate!)

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