Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Goodbye England... Bonjour Paris!

As you can probably tell, the uni work load is mounting up and basically taking over my life...once again (hence the lack of posts)

However I thought I'd better put a little time aside tonight as I'm going away for a few days to PARIS! 
 ooo la laa!

Unfortunately no it's not a romantic visit to the city of love...more an educational trip :)

I'm actually getting very excited to go (ignoring the fact I have to get up at 5 tomorrow morning.....zzz) it's our first official fashion department uni trip, so it's all very new and makes me feel like a little kid! eeee sweets on the train! woo!

I've been to Paris a number of times before, but this time I'm looking forward to hitting the french flea markets and vintage stalls, bag a few bargains! There's also a lot of interesting exhibitions on while were there, so hopefully I'll be visiting a few of those as well (posts of events will come when I get back) 
The main reason we're all going is to visit the Premier Vision exhibition, where we will get to see all the new future trends, colour palettes, fabrics etc. Very professional...

We were told to take a phrase book-something I don't have, however I figured as long as I know how to say, Hello, How much is that? and Thank you....I'll be okay :)

I'm slightly freaking out at the fact I'm loosing nearly a weeks worth of getting on with my work...how sad is that, I literally have projects on the brain ALL THE TIME! It's draining me.....I need a relaxing break in Paris....I'll start tearing my hair out when I get back, but for now I can chill out...

Anyway I'll get as many pictures as I'm physically allowed, and hopefully come back with lots of interesting information and adventures stories to share.....

I now have 5 hours to sleep....oh the joy...au revoir!

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