Monday, 1 November 2010

Jewelry Splurge

When I'm let loose surrounded by shops on my own.....I can't control my purchasing.
It's a fact. I must admit I love being able to stare at something for wayyy too long and not have anyone nagging in my ear that their borrrrrred or tirrrrrred...
However like I said, it also means theirs no one saying 'Do you really need that?', 'It's a bit expensive' or 'Get it another time' resulting in me spending money which didn't realllllly need to be spent :)
And heres some of my buys...

    Above and Below image is a set of 4 from H&M £2.99

Flower Ring Sale Topshop £2.50
Bracelet Sale Topshop £3.75 Ring H&M £5.99

Also I'd like to thank Glamour magazine for my free Nails Inc nail varnish colour Jermyn Street!

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